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Best Ice Cream by The Sea in Exmouth

There are quite a few choices in Exmouth for ice cream and to be honest chances are you won’t be disappointed, but if I were to choose where to go for an ice cream by the sea – for grownups – I’d chose Cafe Patisserie Glacerie.

If the sun is out, I sit on the terrace facing the sea having coffee or ‘affogato’ (expresso & ice cream combo). I just love it and feel I’m pretty lucky every time I go there. Perhaps I’m easily pleased. Exmouth is just beautiful on a bright day, doesn’t even have to be hot. The combination of the bright light, sea and sand just uplifts. This patisserie opened in the spring of 2021 and is a new venture backed by Michael Caines and Sylvain Peltier. They sell ‘modern French pastries’ coffee, delicious ice cream and some really good sorbets. There are also a few hot and cold savoury snacks, I did spot a few Cornish pasties, which can’t be helped in Devon. The ice cream is made with local Devon milk, echoing the aim to use local produce as much as possible.

Location: Queens Drive Exmouth, EX8 2AY

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Best Ice Cream in Exmouth Town Centre

The best ice cream if you are happy to venture in town is definitely going to be Antonio’s, it’s possible that their flavour combinations are a little more adventurous than Cafe Patisserie, hard to compare, however. They recently came up with their 26th flavour combination, peach & orange flapjack. Antonio’s is another artisan ice cream parlour, making all by hand following traditional family recipes. They also sell a range of cakes and savoury snacks such as, bagels, sausage rolls, pasties etc.

Special Diets: Yes, you’ll find a selection for vegan / dairy free options for ice cream as well as sorbets.

Location: 9 The Strand Exmouth, EX8 1AB

Open: Mon – Saturday, Tel 01395 278 771

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